Umoja estate: Eastland's biggest prostitution den

Umoja estate: Eastland's biggest prostitution den

Two years ago, I was alerted to the going-on at the reclusive Mutindwa market, in Umoja/Buruburu area.

The market that stands at the intersection that is Sonko and Outerring roads, has existed for many years.

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I came to Nairobi in 2003, that time Mutindwa was thriving, Sonko Road didn’t exist at that time. So the whole road that separates Bidii Primary school and the East African School of Theology (EAST) KAG University was all covered by traders selling different wares at the larger Mutindwa market.

You can get all things, vegetables, watches, clothes, etc at Mutindwa market, the only strange thing is that these days, a new item is on sale. Sex.

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House girls that don’t have relatives in Nairobi, converge at this place on Sundays to make an extra income.

You’ll see them paraded like any other red-light district and picked by Boda Boda riders after agreeing on a price. They are spread all over the stretch that borders Outer ring road on the Buruburu side, these days basking under the cover of the not-so-elegant, newly built Mutindwa footbridge.

Boda Boda riders are the biggest market or middlemen for these girls. Our source confirms that some bachelor’s in Buruburu estate also order girls from this market.

Umoja bachelors would rather sleep with Kayole girlfriends than order from here.

This we confirmed by the amount of Boda traffic heading to Buruburu carrying these girls.

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Unemployment and hard times

Over the years, people in Umoja Estate have fallen on hard times and prostitution is rampant in the area. For one thing, prostitution puts food on the table; selling sex makes these ladies make a quick back, some even so as to pay the rent.

A source whispered, where there’s prostitution, there are other evil economic activities. Guess what?

You’ve read stories of Nigeria rapists loitering around waiting to pounce on desperate girls, who exchange sex for money.

It is not a secret that the area around Egesa East Villa restaurant was the known red-light district complete with rooms for quickies etc; this has now been challenged, more places in Umoja have turned to prostitution business.

In fact, some people have turned their houses to act like brothels just to make ends meet.

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People love merrymaking or are it to kill time, despair and depression?

Umoja also has many bars.

A few years ago, police were said to be collecting over a million shillings in bribes from pubs in the larger Eastlands area. I bet Umoja contributed a larger share of this.

Bars are opened every day; Customers, some of who look like zombies come in droves.

The case of Mutindwa will continue as more house girls look to quench their thirst for money and sex.

Nairobi is a large red-light district.

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In the last decade, Nairobi has seen a rise in commercial sex workers mostly blamed on unemployment and harsh economic factor.

Many have moved to the estates.

Other estates where prostitution is rampant include Ngara, Kayole, Eastleigh, Pipeline, and Dandora.

Maybe we should just legalize prostitution.

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